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About Us ::

Company Overview...

Shafayet Aviation Management Ltd. (SAML) started its journey in the aviation as a Local Ground Handling Agent in the year of 2010 and duly licensed by Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) and our OSPL which also published in CAAB website for an uninterrupted steady growth in the trade.

Our name is synonymous with the TOTAL EXCELLENCE which stands for honesty, quality, service and customer support. SAML believes the ultimate measure of our success is to have a customer who will tell another customer to bring their airplane to us for any unscheduled services because of the loyalty and trust we have built. That is what our staff takes pride in accomplishing with its valued customers.

We welcome you to join hands with us because it requires working with a partner you can trust and rely to serve your customers as you yourself would. SHAFAYET AVIATION IS THAT KIND OF A COMPANY YOU ARE LOOKING FOR !

Our Services...

Overflight and Landing Permission:

At SAML, we understand that dealing with govt. Administrations in Bangladesh is a very difficult, time consuming & stressful task. Establishing the right contact & securing on-time permission is a rather daunting task. In response to this we take full responsibility in assisting both non-skd passenger & cargo aircrafts with operations into & out of Bangladesh. We have been a pioneer in this business & our excellent track-record has given us the opportunity to establish & maintain a long-lasting relationship with all agencies & ministries concerned.

Technical Stops:

SAML operating in all the major airports in Bangladesh including Dhaka (VGZR), Chittagong (VGEG), and Sylhet (VGSY). The strategic location of these International Airport’s, world-renowned service standards and competitive pricing allows aircraft to make efficient and cost effective technical stops. Highly experienced fuelers, general attendants and cleaners stand ready to quickly and carefully service any of your need. Fueling is efficiently performed while food and beverages are replenished, lavatories emptied and the aircraft cleaned.

The highlight of the whole operation is the FUEL PRICE which is the best you can get in this region.

Ground Handling:

The ground staff of SAML comprises one of the most experienced full-service ground handling organizations. Our staff is known for their ability to turn any aircraft around quickly and safely during a full-service technical stop. A full government clearance technical stop averages a little over 30 minutes for any small aircrafts such as Gulfstrem and Learjet series.

Fuel Support:

For fuel and other transit needs, SAML promises prompt and competitively priced services tailored to fit your specific needs. Hajrat Shah Amanat International Airport in Dhaka is the leading technical and government clearance stop in the business.

Dispatch Services:

SAML’s Operations personnel are available 24/7 to handle dispatch needs. Experienced dispatchers coordinate an aircraft's arrival and departure with base operations, the FAA, Federal Inspection Service (Customs, Immigration and Agriculture) and all Ground Handling services.

SAML Operations provide comprehensive briefings for crews, complete with current weather maps, notams and flight plan filing, Movement messages are promptly provided to base operations, ensuring that interested parties are kept apprised of an aircraft's whereabouts.

Interior Aircraft Cleaning:

Aviation services staff takes pride in helping maintain the appearance of your equipment. Four levels of cleaning services are offered, all competitively priced to meet your needs. Custom cleaning packages may also be arranged upon request. Our efficient personnel are trained to clean all makes and models of aircraft.


Medical Emergencies Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day for in-flight medical emergencies. Two major international standard medical facilities are within ten minutes of the airport.

We offer immediate access to a partner medical facility. An ailing passenger can be evaluated and treated by experienced medical personnel immediately upon arrival at the facility. A rapid assessment of the patient's condition allows carriers to make operational decisions concerning the flight. Our passenger service agents will assist the flight crew and will accompany an ailing passenger and family members to the hospital if necessary. Passenger Services will make local arrangements for accommodations if necessary.

Hangar Space:

On a space available basis, SAML can provide hangar space for aircraft sizes ranging from Piper Cubs to Caravans, G-IV's to Boeing 727's. Overnight, as well as long-term storage. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance for hangar space availability and pricing.


Catering services are provided in partnership with BFCC. Dedicated to providing innovative, flexible, diverse and personal services, BFCC is the choice for excellence in in-flight dining. All of BFCC catering can be customized to meet specific in-flight needs.